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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Myself

Shi Ryuu
19 February 1982
External Services:
  • artisticentropy@livejournal.com
  • artisticentropy@gmail.com
This is the fandom journal for shi_ryuu It's mostly fanart for various fandoms, with the occasional rant thrown in for variety.

Some of the art posted here is and will continue to be, of an adult nature - both het and slash as I do most of my fanart on request or for comms. Please look responsibly.

Friending policy: All NC17/Adult art is posted f-locked, and yes, I do indeed, do birthday art for people on my friends list. Add me, and then ask to be friended and I'll more than likely do it, but I'm not responsible if you look at my locked artwork and you are underage. There will still be ample warnings, so that's no excuse. :P