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Just a note to anyone who stumbles across this journal. I am no longer posting here with any sort of regularity. It is in no way up to date with any of my recent stuff. If you are looking for my artwork, please visit:

my personal website which is the most up to date and comprehensive - though it's kind of perpetually undergoing redesign,


My Insanejournal Account

which is my new blogging home.

Thanks very much! Sorry for the inconvenience.

- me

OMG not dead - sorry!

Okay, I feel kind of shitty for doing this, being I haven't even checked LJ in like a year or so...but it's for my sister - it's my job as big sister to help her out! Besides, it will only take a second, and I promise to try and get back in the swing of things here! :) My crappy job which threw me out of LJ land in the first place may be calming down a bit now for a little while, so we'll see what happens. ^^;;

Anyway, Min recently got engaged and she's entered a contest for "best engagement story". If she wins, she'll get a free room for her wedding reception at the Honeywell Center in Wabash (where they live) which is a pretty swanky place, and she has no money, SO she needs it. If you'd all send an email to with the subject "Vote - Jeff and Mindy" I would be dearly in your debt! They're allowing people to vote once from every email address they have, so if you can vote more than once, please do!

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Help out my little sister and me love you long time! Thank you!!! XD
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Up To Date Art To Do List

Updated 8/2/07

This is getting very long, better cut it. :P

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Currently: August giftart and hp_tarot piece - chip away at the awesome Snarry commission ;)
Next up: Snarry Comission due by christmas but going to be kick ass cause I'm going to work on it UNTIL christmas. *rubs hands together* I can't wait! It's going to be seriously awesome.

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In other news: I hope LJ gets set on fire

snarry_games entry posted! w00t!

Yay! My snarry_games pictured got posted today! :D It's an illustration from jordangrant's story, "Cambiare Podentes: Madurare".

I will love you all forever if you go take a look at it and vote!

Happy Endings


I hope jordangrant likes the finished piece, and that I managed to do justice to her marvelous piece of fiction!

in other news, I start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck! :D
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Drawble for elfflame's b-day. :)

Title: After Silence
Artist(s): artisticentropy
Rating: PG-13 for licking?
Warnings: Slash - neck licking
Characters/Pairings Lupin/Black
Media: Photoshop over a pencil sketch
Notes/Comments: for elfflame's birthday, an illustration of her daily_deviant story of the same name. :)

( Fake cut to my insanejournal )

Look guys! I'm remembering to cross-post something! *is proud of self* Still directing you all off the evil website though and onto the good one. ;) The less time you spend here, the better off you are! It's for your own good!

Art: King of Swords

Title: King of Swords
Artist: artisticentropy
Type: Art
Main character or Pairing: Dark!Harry/Snape/Lucius/Draco
Card: King of Swords
Card Interpretation: From the prompt/claim table: "He is the power of life and death, [by] virtue of his office." and "Perceptive, strong-willed, firm in either friendship or enmity. He may also be suspicious, over-cautious, cruel, and overbearing." (RW)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All your wizards are belong to JK Rowling
Warnings: implied multiple partner slash, and er, cruelty to animagi?
Summary: When Dark!Harry is your friend, he is a very good friend. When Dark!Harry is your enemy...
Author Notes: I was going to put the Dursley's in there, but they messed up the composition, so Wormtail got caged instead. This was done as a companion piece (at least in style/clothing) to my King of Wands submission from the last time around on hp_tarot.

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For those of you seeing this because you have me on your friend's list, er, I haven't been very good about cross-posting things over here from Insanejournal where I've settled permanently. If you've missed my artwork, I'm keeping my website updated, or you can go check :) Off the top of my head, I know you've missed a Snupin, a Snucius, and maybe a snarry? :\ Don't remember. Also, a picture of my cat.

Happy b-day alisanne!

Click the pic for Snape/Harry/Draco - Rated R for suggested nakkie XD

The poll results for this month's daily deviant pic were:

Bill/Neville: 3.5 votes
Bill/Tonks/Charlie (as Pirates!): 2 vote
Remus/Severus: 1 vote
Sirius/Snape: 1 vote
Harry/Draco: 1 vote
Harry/Draco/Luna: 1 vote

I may do them as pirates anyway, though Neville makes me think of plant!bondage! XD Those who voted Bill/Neville-and those who didn't- do you need your Neville on the bottom? >:) That could be a deciding factor! I'll wait a while to start drawing it, to give you guys time to give me feedback. ;) Honestly, I'm glad Draco/Snape/Harry didn't even come up *L* as much as that's one of my OT3s, I think I've done 3 or so of them for D_D so far! XD

Hmm...why is there no Draco/Harry/Snape comm? I'd join that in a second. I don't know any good places to post threesome art. ^^;;

Also, if you have an insanejournal, (or other clone, but preferably IJ) please friend me there! :D I'm going about collecting fandom people atm, but I'm sure I'm missing some of you! everyone is welcome!

Pairing Help

Hello happy people. I just finished an awesome threesome picture for the lovely alisanne's b-day which you will all get to see tomorrow, which means:

It's that time again! I need to come up with a pic for this month's daily_deviant piece with the theme of "AU"!

As always, I have pretty much no preference on a pairing (except I'm not so big on SS/HR or H/HR) so give me ideas please! I'll draw whatever gets the most votes in comments. No poll this time because I don't want to limit it and LJ can "bite my bright shiny ass." as Bender would say. :P Also, I don't have the ability to poll on GJ, IJ, or JF. ^.^ Don't vote for an orgy either please! *L* threesomes are about my limit.

so far I have:

Bill/Neville: 3.5 votes
Bill/Tonks/Charlie (as Pirates!): 2 vote
Remus/Severus: 1 vote
Sirius/Snape: 1 vote
Harry/Draco: 1 vote
Harry/Draco/Luna: 1 vote
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DH Doodles 2/lots

Good morning my peoples! I just remembered that I never posted any ofthe doodles I made during my first read through of DH! BAD Jes! BAD!

So for your enjoyment here are the first two. :D i.e. the only one's I've scanned and quickly cleaned up in PS:


You can find them on Journal Fen:
Insane Journal:
Greatest Journal:

or at my website.
First one:
Second one:

There's nothing naughty in either image, I'm just too pissed off at LJ at the moment to ever want to post anything directly here ever again.

In honor of the new journal:

A Meme! What better way to celebrate a new journal? XD

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension43
Your crimeForgetting to flock your Dumbledore/Grindelwald/Hitler comm.
Who reported youafniel
Your fateOn usenet, kicking it old school.

best idea for a comm - Ever.
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